Companies often fail to leverage technology to it's fullest extent.

Businesses that fail to embrace technology will be left behind.

Don't have Time, Money, Resources?

We will help you Thrive with Technology.

Welcome to Tech Cleanup.

The Four Most Common Problems:
  • Computer/Network Issues: Can cause your business to grind to a halt.
  • Malware, Ransomware & Viruses: Can expose or destroy sensitive information.
  • Social Media Strategy: Can hinder growth and ruin marketing permanently.
  • Websites: Can confuse customers and ruin your business.

Tech Cleanup helps companies tell their story by leveraging technology to it's fullest extent.  Our team will help you gain the competitive advantage you need to drive your businesses forward. Signup for a FREE no obligation technology assessment by clicking the button above.

  •  Adware Cleanup: Improves speed, performance and reduces privacy exposing items.
  •  Browser Cleanup: Removes unnecessary items from your browser
  •  System Cleanup: Improves System Speed & Performance
  •  Human Intelligence: Remove Malware, Viruses, and fix other computer problems
  • Easy Installation 
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Remove Adware
  • Remove Malware & Viruses
  •  Boost Speed & Performance
  • Free-Up Space
  • U.S. Based Human Intelligence

Tech Cleanup solves Computer problems in minutes not days.

With a few clicks, your computer will be clean, fast, and working again.

Our on-demand Human Intelligence Team is ready to help 24x7.

Clean Your Computer for FREE by clicking the button below!

Let’s face it, we all just want our computers to be fast, clean, and free of online threats.  My guess is that you have tried all sorts of things to get your computer working. You’ve tried software, tech support, and maybe even lugged that thing down to the computer repair shop. But none of that has worked. You’re left frustrated wondering, “Why isn’t my computer working right? Should I be concerned?”

The problem lies in the fact that online threats and internet privacy issues are evolving so rapidly that software alone can’t keep up.  And certainly, the computer repair industry hasn’t made it easy or cheap. But now all of that has changed. Tech Cleanup has developed a solution that makes cleaning your computer simple with just a few clicks of the mouse.

However, the journey to create Tech Cleanup wasn't easy.  We were struggling to find an answer on how to keep pace with online threats in a way that was easy and fast for the common user when all of a sudden it hit us; to solve these problems we would need to combine Software Intelligence with Human Intelligence™.  With this realization, we immediately set out on our mission.  Since then, our U.S. Based Human Intelligence team has solved more than a million computer problems, and our Software Intelligence Team has written thousands of lines of code to create our game-changing solution called Tech Cleanup! 

The question now is, what is it worth? What is it worth to clean up adware, malware, viruses, computer clutter, and online threats? Normally, it might cost hundreds of dollars to get these things fixed. Well, the good news is we aren't going to charge you hundreds of dollars, not even fifty dollars!

If you signup right now we are extending a special offer of just $39.99! We will even throw in a FREE month of Human Intelligence. But you have to sign up right now because our Human Intelligence team can only service a certain amount of customers at a time.  There is nothing to lose. If we are not able to remove your adware, malware, or viruses, call us at (844) Tech-351 within the first 30 days after initial purchase and you will get a full refund.

Just think what life will be like when your computer is finally clean again.  Think about that peace of mind. Today is your chance! Do something about it right now before its too late!  Click the button below to sign up now.

*Removal Gaurantee & Human Intelligence Requires Active Subscription, see End User License Agreement for additional details.
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