How To Prepare Students For Technology.

Technology is critical to our future, but most schools don't have the right approach.

What would it be like if your students started earning industry recognized certifications.

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Biggest Technology Mistakes Schools Make:
  •   Program Selection: Schools often select programs that just don't focus on the right things that will apply to the entire student base.
  •  Hardware: Often schools purchase new computers, laptops or mobile devices focusing too heavily on cost and not heavily enough on learning outcomes.
  •  Real World Experience: Schools that are implementing technology programs are not doing so in a way that provides an education that can apply to the real world.
  • Technology is Core: It's time for schools to face the fact that Technology is a core subject requirement not an elective/enrichment program.

Tech Cleanup provides schools with programs that rely on industry recognized certification programs.  These programs apply to all students not just those that might become a computer programmer or robotics engineer.

Fix Your Technology Program Today!
  •  Program Support: We support teachers and administrative staff to ensure program success.
  •  Gap Analysis: We provide a custom gap analysis to ensure that we connect the program in a way that enhances currently established curriculum.
  •  Custom Curriculum: We provide custom curriculum that is based on the gap analysis.
  •  Tell The Story: We help your team tell the story in such a way that we take your social media marketing efforts to a whole new level.
Industry Recognized Certifications
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